Coed Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country brings home the Regional Championship Title

Cross Country brings home the Regional Championship Title after a decisive win against competitive ‘sister school’ Westwood, formally owners of the coveted honor. Both the boys JV and V won their respective divisions, with senior Chris Abney winning the JV race. Quentin Joseph led the Blazers to a blazing finish at 2nd place in a personal best of 17:42, he was quickly followed by Darren Williams in 4th with a personal best of 17:49. Logan Zeis came in 3rd for the Blazers (6th overall) in under 18 mins as well. These harriers earned “All Region” honors for their fine performance after years, months, 1000’s of miles and hours of often excruciating effort. Emmanuel Williams and Tyler Gadson rounded out the Varsity’s efforts to take back the Region Champ Title, last held by RV in 2016.

Finishing out this year’s race for the Blazers was freshman Huthayfah Ballard, and the team would like to recognize the leadership influence, heart and incredible work ethic of fellow blazer and Captain Josh Robinson for his undeniable contribution to his team’s win.

Also, of note is the sacrifice Chris Abney made to allow a fellow teammate to run V when he easily could have, this type of personal sacrifice and character (putting team and mates first) is “what makes coaching these young people so special and rewarding,” says Coach Julie Kenison