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Ridge View High 2018 Softball Teams
We would like to thank each one of you for expressing interest in being a part of our team. As I have said before this years decision was the most difficult in my 14 years of coaching here at RV. Congratulations to the following ladies for making the team. Look forward to what this season holds. Meet in Room C-60 at 4:00 on 2/1/18
Rosa Carneles-Ward
Christal Coard
Alexis Guess
Cheryl Harrison
Alivia Hodges
Kayla Korn
Adriana Ortiz
Aniyia Price
Jaela Simmons
Jamya Taylor
Destiny Thomas
Sonya Boney
Mariana Diello
Savannah Foxworth
Kelsey Haire
Elizabeth Keels
Markesa Martin
Kaylan Miller
Ryann Peterson
Arin Robertson
Perrin Thomas
Zerrin Thomas
Faith Thompson
Logan Tyson
Zaria Stevens
Managers: Kelsey Cook
Destiny Jenkins
Eniya Long- Come see me